what we do

aZONEguide provides individual assistance in a free-lance mode to larger architectural teams in need to overcome specific design and management situations. Our aim is always to guide you towards a positive outcome in each of your projects, either you are stepping into new grounds or just in need of an extra hand. 

We can help you overcome barriers for an easier, safer approach in the implementation of your projects. Connecting to you just in those specific moments where our input is most needed, and work together with your team into developing assured steps forward. Our background role will strengthen your projects; and your position before clients and partners.

We see clear communication among all involved parties as a fundamental moment, whatever role we play in the process; as assuring it can avoid you costly mistakes. Some of the tasks we are regularly involved are:

  • Business development and project management
  • Architectural, Urban and Interior design
  • Architectural tenders and competitions
  • Defining new local partnerships – engineers, landscapers, security consultants, material suppliers
  • Reviewing and preparing your promotional materials
  • Supporting promotional events
  • Communication
  • Personal assistance before Clients and Team members
  • Project brief clarification and translations
  • Local normative support and regulatory compliance
  • Team guidance
  • Contractual legal support (together with partners)

how we work

The services provided will be agreed individually, project-by-project and task-by-task, as requirements change with each project and each team. All actions will be adapted specifically to every situation, schedule and budget, what keeps the workload flexible and adapted to the project individual pace.

Our input will be delivered and discussed personally together with your team always when necessary, but all tasks allowing it will be developed remotely.

The information about the type of work and its details will never be disclosed without consent. By default, we keep all sensitive information private.

who you deal with

Based in Rotterdam, but dedicated to the development of urban and architectural projects in different markets, Anastasia Ivanova and Anton Ribeiro da Silva will be your guides. Using their 20 years of accumulated professional experience as architects, project and team managers, they will bring you the collected local knowledge and the access to a professional network that expands to other disciplines in the market.

Their experience, the built projects and the regular presence in international architectural competition consortiums assure the capacity to work in complex teams and intense scenarios, where finding the right answers to questions require the agility you are looking for.