Anton Ribeiro da Silva  partner, architect

My 25 years in the profession, spread across different European Countries, brought me the layers of experience I can share today. Particularly, the long professional ties to The Netherlands defined the background of my work at aZONEguide, where achieving strong collaborations between teams is a permanent aim.

I became an architect in 1997 by the Faculty of Architecture at the Technical University of Lisbon. After some rewarding work done together with Victor Mestre and Sofia Aleixo, I moved to London in 2000, to obtain a MSc in Advanced Architectural Studies at the Bartlett, University College London. After it, in 2002, I moved further to The Netherlands, this time to work with DKV and KCAP, on the design of housing and office buildings.

After a period in Spain, where I worked with Guillermo Vazquez Consuegra on public buildings, I moved to Moscow in 2006. There, I gathered a large experience due to my involvement in large projects in housing and office space, I kept my professional links to Holland active, by inviting and actively collaborating with leading Dutch teams in various successful competitions. Particular detail was always given to process development and communication, so the final result would not be compromised.

During those years I also worked as a correspondent for the Dutch architectural A10 magazine and taught at March Architectural School in Moscow.

I returned to the Netherlands in 2016, to join MLA+ as a regional Director, once more involved in large-scale housing projects. Parallel to it, I enrolled in a MSc in Management at the IE Business School in Madrid that I completed in 2018.


Anastasia Ivanova  partner, architect

My professional career as an architect is reaching 20 years, the last 5 working in Rotterdam. My work at aZONEguide is a natural continuation of all the effort done together with leading Moscow practices and the frequent and successful collaborations with Dutch teams along that period.

I studied architecture and obtained my Diploma at the Moscow Institute of Architecture / MARKHI in 2002 and I am a registered member of the Union of Architects of Russia.

In 2003 joined the office of Sergei Skuratov, where his permanent quest for quality in architecture became also my personal commitment for many years to come.

During 2011, I moved to Reserve, leaded by Vladimir Plotkin, and started a period of work dedicated to large housing and urban projects together with several international collaborations done with Dutch teams such as Mecanoo, Maxwan, MVSA or KCAP, among others. This brought me a strong experience in managing and coordinating teamwork in an international setting, while expanding the reach of my work to public buildings and the public realm.

Achieving the 2nd place in the International Park Zaryadye competition was a defining moment of that period, that later on brought the task to design the Embankment connecting the park with the river. After completion, this public space became a symbolic step forward for the city in its development towards a better urban environment.

In order to be part of "My Street", the major urban renewal program in Moscow, I joined KB Strelka in 2016.

After moving to Rotterdam, I started aZONEguide in Rotterdam.